Vid Break! The Strokes on SNL

Welcome to Vid Break! It's that time of the week (Wednesday) where you really just want the opportunity grab a frosty one and lean back in your chair while you watch some awesome music-related videos.

Today's video comes from the VERY much anticipated return of The Strokes and their new album Angles, dropping March 22. They kicked off promoting the album with an appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend (hosted by an undeserving Miley Cyrus) and premiered the songs "Under Cover of Darkness" and "Life Is Simple In The Moonlight". The video provided below is the former song, with incredibly catchy rhythm guitar and bass (as expected) and Julian Casablancas at his most alert. Short and sweet (also as expected), let's just say that March 22 can't come sooner.


  1. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  2. Those guitar harmonies are beyond awesome. Thanks for the video Crashing Symbols!