The Saturday Symbol: Storm Thorgerson

Storm Thorgerson is probably one of the most influential modern artists. His iconographic imagery leaves viewers with a sense of realism that is so incredibly false, but it makes for compositions that study the nature of dissonances and counter-balances in our world. It's for this reason why so many bands continue to utilize his photography and manipulation for their album artwork, as they themselves have enough to say about the world through their music, oftentimes weighty and hyper-sensed to the point that their grandeur is a cover up for what is their real emotion. Even if the album artwork he's created is cool in it's own right, the fact that the majority of his artwork is done physically is a feat in and of itself. Rarely does an artist have the vision and the know-how to manipulate the eyes through physical means - it just makes you appreciate the effort even more, without the use of computer enhancing for effect. Storm Thorgerson makes the unusual and the unnatural to become believable, and his imagery provides today's Saturday Symbol.

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  1. Storm Thorgerson is a genius. Coming from a graphic artist... his visionary work is really inspirational on so many levels.