Crash Thursday: No Age - Everything in Between


I'll be blunt and say this is my first dip into No Age. Only had I recently heard tracks from their previous LP Nouns that I was even remotely interested in their catalog and in their latest LP, entitled Everything in Between. To my surprise, I found myself fully engaged for the 38-minute run time, with sounds I might have only imagined could they have existed in distant lands, yet here I sit, headphones in ears.

Frankly, the title does sum up the album. It's a fun slice of noise pop that sort of straddles into many territories, ranging from fuzzy lo-fi punk to jolly clean production. I suppose it's better to say that this is an album of immersed influences, aside from the vocals (which are pretty good too!). It takes an excellent leap forward with the song "Glitter" which is fully engaging and encapsulating that the sounds are ready to jump out and take a bite. It does, for the most part, as the album's vibe gradually becomes steadier yet less urgent in sections, but it still is one hell of a fun listen. Songs like "Fever Dreaming," "Depletion," "Valley Hump Crash" and "Chem Trails" are so frenetic and incredibly ear pleasing that they help to round out an album that would have otherwise just been pretty flat.

In other words, Everything in Between is pretty badass.


No Age - "Glitter"

No Age - "Fever Dreaming"

Everything in Between is available now on Subpop Records.

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