Friday's End Note: SXSW Interests

SXSW is an annual music festival held in Austin, Texas. I mostly know it as a film festival, but that's because SXSW (South by Southwest) is actually divided amongst several types of multimedia. This is pertaining to the music festival, whose convention will hold 400+ independent artists and they will take the stage in front of thousands starting today (excluding me).

Over the last couple of days, Bandcamp.com has posted those artists on their main page as a way of exposure for those who just can't get their SXSW fix until the concert, and many of the songs found on the website do sound pretty good. Here are the ones that I'm particularly interested in hearing in the near future, hopefully expanding their fan base.

A Silent Film

I am loving the vibes on this track pulsating on the opening, then jumping into this pool of full band play. Really consistent drumming and really nice reverb, this sounds like a Summer hit waiting to happen.


I've actually had this song since it was a free discovery download on iTunes, and it still resonates. It's got a really exotic sound that adds to the overall echoing the song prevails in. Very complimenting vocal work and lots of strumming really make this an infectious one.

Kid Infinity

This is what I can assume a joy ride through space sounds like. Synths abound from left and right, with some rapping that takes the filler up a notch. As it gets more fast-paced towards the end of the track, I can make the assumption that I'm pretty fine with this one.

Freddie Gibbs

I'm reading that this guy is being compared to Tupac in sharing similar vocal range and content. I can see that happening, considering this number has a pretty sweet loop and interesting verses. I'm almost expecting this guy to be a bigger name once this festival ends.


This is a nice flow for the rock scene. I'm liking the vocalist a lot, who seems to bring that hint of rustic drone to help harmonize the melody. It's quite impressive on a first listen, and I'm hoping for many more listens afterword.

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