Take 2 Tuesdays: "I'm Designer" by QOTSA

It's truly a lie/I counterfeit myself

Let's face it: Stoner Rock is here to stay, thanks to our friends in Queens of the Stone Age. Let's not be hasty, however, to dismiss it as "stoner" frankly because their sound induces a mental high. If anything, their rushing guitars and speedy drums only fuel the fire of Josh Homme's weighty yet airy lyrics, releasing a drug even I can't even scientifically recall. This sound is very apparent on "I'm Designer," the third track off their last studio release, 2007's Era Vulgaris. I don't think the album got the amount of attention as their previous efforts, but "I'm Designer" is certainly a standout track in their catalog, implying more about the boiling point of our generation than most songs dare to touch upon, and with a musical arrangement that's both fittingly pulsating and eerily attractive. This isn't so much Stoner Rock as it is good ole' Rock & Roll for the new century.

"I'm Designer" by Queens of the Stone Age

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