Take 2 Tuesdays: "Hip Hop" by Mos Def

I'm getting big props, with this thing called hip hop/
Where you can either get paid or get shot

If there's one hip-hop artist with the most energy and soul to take to the bank, it's Mos Def. His alluding lyrical style and excellent production and placement of versing and rap are just some of the many great things about his music that I wouldn't be able to fully describe. "Hip Hop," the second track off his debut solo album Black On Both Sides, is one of those great things. It's so heavy and admirable that it takes you through the rest of the album as if it's the starting radio-tuner changing the stations he truly creates in each song. It's perfectly titled, as he graciously represents and honors the genre that bore before him, or perhaps he that helped it to grow.

Mos Def - Hip Hop

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