A Special Crashing Symbol: Nate Dogg

It was announced sometime last night that G-Funk mastermind and rap influence Nate Dogg passed away at 41. There is no cause of death announced yet, but it's interesting to note that Nate Dogg had suffered two strokes in the last four years.

I'll admit that I'm not entirely focused on the rap or hip hop scene, but upon listening to Nate Dogg and G-Funk, it's easy to understand why he was such an icon to many. He seemed to smooth out the sounds whenever he guest appeared with artists like Ludacris and Dr. Dre, and then take that same mindset to his own work, creating a unique flow that's been unmatched. I have a feeling I'll be coming back to his music off and on, now that I have reason to really appreciate what he did for a huge community of music followers.

Nate Dogg - Nobody Does It Better

Nate Dogg & Warren G. - Regulate

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