Vid Break! Death Cab's "Home Is a Fire"

Death Cab for Cutie's new LP isn't out until May 31st, but Codes and Keys is already making the rounds with singles and drops circulating the net. One such single is the album opener, "Home Is a Fire," which now has an accompanying music video. Directed by alt-artist Shepard Fairey, the song takes on a literal path through Los Angeles with varying degrees of blurs, edits, and lens changes. Lyrics appear to be pasted onto different alleyways and overhangs, later shown actually being made in the process and then placed throughout the city.

It gives the music an interesting twist, if perhaps too literally, in that it makes Los Angeles look more or less appealing and repulsive, especially if you live there (as this reviewer does). Then again, if it's anything like Fairey's work that includes the Obama campaign portrait, the video fits the bill of taking something rather ordinary and replacing it with a glaze that purposely sends an interpretive message to the intended audience. It makes Death Cab for Cutie out to be a band that's fresh and bold, but would you have expected anything different?

Let us know what you think of the music video, and don't forget to check out whatever else Death Cab has up their sleeves on Codes and Keys, available May 31st on Atlantic Records.

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