In Case of the Mondays: PJ Harvey's got it "Written on the Forehead"

PJ Harvey has always gone out with class, whether it's the magical gathering of alternative and indie rock on Rid of Me or the versatility of Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea. You can always expect hearing something from her and feeling a sense of purpose, as if the way she writes or sings or strums was just meant to be. She may not always have the perfect balance of musicality with her lyrics, but you can always depend on having an experience with it. Her latest LP, Let England Shake, is perhaps her best effort in a while, consisting of songs that plant her alternative stylings back with new newer, bolder punches. "Written on the Forehead" is just a great example of the work she puts into this album, gracefully singing "Let it burn!" with her usually fantastic rock sensibilities. If you ever felt the need to take it slow with a message that defines you, take that moment and listen to PJ Harvey.

PJ Harvey - "Written on the Forehead"


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