Take 2 Tuesday: "My Sound" by Squarepusher

Genre: Drum and Bass
Origin: Chelmsford, Essex, England

Here are a couple facts about Squarepusher:

1. He's only one guy, and
2. He's only one guy

But you would probably never guess that, considering the amount of work that sounds involved in each of his recordings. Just look at his early albums Feed Me Weird Things or Hard Normal Candy. They pretty much draw the line at what one can do in a genre that's more jazz-infused than anything. His newer stuff is a little bit heavier on his electronics, but we can't forget that he started out providing some of the chillest and downright experimental modern jazz.

So here's "My Sound" off of 1998's Music Is Rotted One Note. The majority of the album has a much more raw vibe to it, with a lot of the recordings performed "live." "My Sound" has this quality, but it doesn't toy around with semantics. It rightfully takes a hit with rocking chair music, stripping down drum and bass to their cores. It's in that way that the song feels raw rather than in the quality of the recording, with atmospheric keyboard for added measure. Perhaps the most accessible track from the album, "My Sound" revels in it.

Check out "My Sound" below and let us know what you think.

Squarepusher - "My Sound"

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