Vid Break! Foo Fighters Hit Their Stride With "Rope"

Have you heard of the Foo Fighters? Long story short, ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and his band have taken what is essentially Alternative Rock and turned it into a global juggernaut. They helped to raise the ferocity that Rock used to emulate back in the day, and they have been continually recognized for their endeavors with several Grammy nominations and wins as well stand-out music videos. "Rope" can easily be considered one of them. The lead single off their latest LP, Wasting Light (which will be reviewed for tomorrow's Crash Thursday) not only grabs your attention sonically but also visually, as the guitar strums flicker the intensity that is "light" (hence the album's title) and as the pounding drums help dictate the editing of several angles. Sure, it's the band playing an awesome song to begin with, but the video also gives me confidence that the Foo Fighters have definitely stepped up their game with this one. Check it out!


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