Take 2 Tuesday: "Chain of Missing Links" by The Books

Genre: Experimental/Sound Collage
Origin: New York City, NY

This week's Take 2 Tuesday brings you The Books, an eclectic duo that quite honestly know what direction they're going in, even if we as listeners don't know where. Their off-kilter style of letting the different effects and loops overtake the synthesis of vocals and lyrics can oftentimes be funny and outright confusing, but I mean that in the greatest sense. It's a strange and unique quality to have considering that none of their contemporaries tend to do the same thing, and in that way, The Books are their own territory of music. "Chain of Missing Links" is only the tip of the iceberg on The Way Out, but even throughout their catalog, The Books like to change things up in what would be an "ordinary" genre and turn it into something that's wholly their own. Whether it's meditative or intrusive, The Books will take you on a ride of discovering something completely new.

The Books - "Chain of Missing Links"


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