NEWS: Arcade Fire's "Scenes From The Suburbs" is now available!

Arcade Fire is an indie band no more. The band broke the mold when last year's The Suburbs won the well-deserved Grammy for Album of the Year. With their newfound success, Merge Records is intending on rereleasing a one-year anniversary deluxe edition of The Suburbs on August 2nd with two additional tracks (one featuring David Byrne), an 80-page booklet and the Spike Jonze-directed short film, "Scenes From The Suburbs," inspired by the album.

For those of you like me who either loved the album and/or already own it, you must be pretty psyched, but you'd have to be a pretty major fan to dish out again for practically the same disc. The two tracks will most likely be available for download, and thankfully, MUBI.com has made the 28-minute "Scenes From The Suburbs" available to stream online. If you enjoy Spike Jonze and his off-beat cinematic style mesh together with the music and themes of The Suburbs, then you're in for a treat. Check out the Spike-Jonze directed music video of the song "The Suburbs" below, taken from the film, and the actual film here.

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