Take 2 Tuesday: "Patron Saint" by Philip Selway

Another one of many overlooked solo efforts from last year, Phil Selway of Radiohead fame released Familial under false assumptions. What we got was not a technical drum fest or a project in the vein of Thom Yorke's solo material. Instead, Phil works soothing lyrics and drifting melodies into acoustic atmospheres, providing guitar and vocals and contributing artists Lisa Germano and Sebastian Steinberg. The album has a few shining spots such as "Patron Saint," a quiet and hushed affair that doesn't stray too far away from the album's viewpoints. Phil easily yearns for ideas of growth in our closer relations, all the while setting himself at a distance with a relaxed, melancholic vibe that's soft to the skin. It bears resemblance to the work of Nick Drake, whose influence is very much heard throughout the album, but "Patron Saint" tackles on more intricacies that separate Phil as an artist in his own element.

Take another look at "Patron Saint" here and listen to the rest of Familial, available on Nonesuch Records and on both Amazon and iTunes.

Philip Selway - "Patron Saint"


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