Take 2 Tuesday: "Future Daniel" by Clark

Never heard of him? You might have if you've seen Cartoon Network's Adult Swim during recent televised commercials. Still not? Well, the name might not strike you as immediately as James Murphy or Justice, but English musician Chris Clark, otherwise simply known as Clark, is very much a great asset to electronic music. Though probably more progressive in nature than the two artists listed above, Clark takes whatever it is that's nice about the genre and completely breaks it down into mathematical equations and paradigms, almost as if listening to the motherboard of a calculator over speakerphone. All the synths and drum machines and bleeps and bloops of his recordings can make one's head fry from overloading, though there's a distinct beauty in the trials and tribulations that he somehow molds together. "Future Daniel" from the overtly-named LP Totems Flare is in this kind of category, providing some tightly-knit beats and enough electronics that it barely survives the eruption that follows. Again, it's all constructed in a way that seems beautiful and awesome, even if it does seem too electronic for its own good. Check this out.

Clark - "Future Daniel"


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