Take 2 Tuesday: "Sudden Organ" by Yo La Tengo

"Another day, another time, another way for the moment, watch it for a sign..."

1993's Painful was Yo La Tengo's first foray onto a major independent label (Matador), and it was also their first album that really shifted their sound toward a more ambient and sonic experience to match their hazy lyricism. It's a fragile little record that seems to be the transitional album for the band, and probably didn't get the attention it deserved back then. They turned into what I feel is this generation's Velvet Underground, replacing what felt ordinarily like structured melodies into jams with great emotional presence. Whether it's the muted organs, soft bass, or buzzy guitar, Yo La Tengo form this sort of pathway into your psyche and never intend on leaving. "Sudden Organ" features as simple and ambiguous as lyrics listed above, but it's so well brought into the spotlight with their jam that it turns into a wonderful moment of shoegazing glory. Take a look-see.

Yo La Tengo - "Sudden Organ"


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