In Case of the Mondays: George Ellias and Indie Folk

Bob Dylan had the surprising knack for writing lyrics that were so eloquently literary and from the heart that when he paired up his writing style with his simplistic guitar and harmonica, a new chord was struck that hit the world known as folk. That was back during a time when pop culture set itself aside and the independence and freedom to express was in full swing. Folk music was now just as rampant as rock and roll, and all for the better.

Now flashing forward to 2011, L.A bound George Ellias attempts to bring Dylan's style back to the masses with his new indie folk EP called Wanderlust, and it's just as righteously sound. He conjures up a type of nostalgia on tracks such as "Wonder Babe" and "Stand Ashore," hearkening back to tracks easily found in catalogs of Dylan or even Woody Guthrie. Their influences are deeply rooted in Ellias' own creations, and it's a good feeling knowing that a lot can be said from such simplicity amidst the gargantuan labels of today's current music scene. It's just what you need for those types of Mondays.

Check out "Stand Ashore" below as well as the rest of Wanderlust EP at the George Ellias Bandcamp webpage or on iTunes.

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